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The PCM_Toolbox (PCM = Process Chemometric Methods) is a dedicated software package for the analysis of chemical reaction data, instrument standardization, and classification of material quality. It has many applications in Process Analytical Technology (PAT) in instrument suppliers as well as cement, chemicals, biotechnology, medicine and food-processing businesses.

The software works on the basis of spectral measurements or images (XRF, XRD, grading curve, FTIR, NIR, UV / VIS, Raman, NMR, OES, GC On-line, at-line HPLC) and / or physical measurements (T , p, pH, feed rate, heat flow, pO2, CER, OUR).

PCM_Toolbox consists of several modules for data organization and extraction of important information. This information can be used to:

  • Study and optimize reaction systems in the laboratory (BasisDetection, and Modeling Modules)
  • Monitor on-line the production quality (Monitoring Module)
  • Standardize a new slave instrument using a database of master instruments (Standardization Module)
  • Classify, identify and control the quality of raw materials, in-process materials, and finished products (Classification Module)

These modules are particularly adept at reducing the cost of process development and calibration effort. Online offers:

  • PCM_Toolbox customized to your needs
  • Training in chemometric methods
  • Services to analyze and optimize your processes

Please contact us for more detailed description.

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