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Online Control develops software systems in collaboration with our partners, Online Automation and EPF Lausanne, to help our customers monitor, analyze, and operate their processes at significantly higher performance levels. We provide software systems that are either a stand-alone PC or integrated in the existing customer automation system. Currently, the following software systems are available:

  • O_Blend for blending or continuous mixing processes in various industries (e.g., cement, coal mining or power stations, minerals, food), offering e.g.:
    • automatic control of quality indices or key variables
    • on-line optimization of the throughput of mills or pulverizers
  • O_Mill for cement mills, offering e.g.:
    • automatic control of finess classes and compressive strength of the cement
    • on-line optimization of the throughput of the fresh feed
  • O_Distill for batch distillation columns in the chemical industries, offering e.g.:
    • on-line optimization of the batch cycle times
  • PCM_Toolbox for chemical, biomedical, biotechnological, and food processes offering e.g.:
    • calibration and classification of materials

These software systems can increase the production by over 15%, improve the quality, reduce energy consumption, and reduce process development time, thereby leading to a return on investment within a few months.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We will be pleased to provide further information.

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