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O_Blend Mineral

For O_Blend Mineral, three main configurations are available for ore mines, ports, and metallurgical/sinter strand plants using measurements from an on-line analyzer (OLA) such as Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation (PGNA):

  • By parallely or sequentially adjusting the feeders/reclaimers or suggesting on-line the tonnages of the ore sources (bins, subpiles, train wagons, ships, trucks, etc.), O_Blend Mineral BlendProd  automatically controls the quality (e.g. grade content, basicity index, CaO, MgO/SiO2, Ni, Mn, Mg0, Fe, Al2O3, alkalis, K, moisture, nitrogens, phosphorus, trumbler index, RDI index, fineness) of (i) a blend pile on a train or ship loaded in ore mines or ports or (ii) the ore/sinter mix fed to a dryer, drum, strand, silo, washery of a metallurgical plant. The quality of the ore sources can be unknown and largely varying.
  • O_Blend Mineral BlendPlan proposes off-line the optimal ore sources for a few feeders/reclaimers based on the known or measured quality of the ore sources which can be tonnage and quality maps from flowrate and OLA measurements.
  • O_Blend Mineral Sorter sorts an incoming feed from a ship, train or mine into (sub)piles with distinct grades.

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